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"Can you take plan B twice in one week? "

ZocdocAnswersCan you take plan B twice in one week?


I had sex with my boyfriend and he pulled out but to be safe we got plan B. Then we had sex 24hrs after taking plan be and he pulled out again. Should I take plan be again? Yes I know its not a form of birth control. It was just a bad decision on my part. Please help!!!


That is an excellent question, and one that should be discussed with a medical professional such as your primary care doctor or OB/GYN. Taking Plan B has risks associated with it, especially when taken twice in one week and so you should discuss other options for birth control and have them counsel you on what you can do in the future to avoid this type of situation. One option is using condoms, as they have a very high rate of birth control and also they protect you from STDs such as HIV, Hepatitis C, chlamydia, etc. You can also consider taking birth control pills, either by themselves or in addition to using condoms, as this increases the effectiveness of condoms and makes it even less likely that you will become pregnant. The withdrawal method is generally not recommended as a form of birth control as sperm sometimes leave the penis prior to ejaculation and so people have become pregnant while attempting the withdrawal method. With proper medical counseling and responsible sexual practices, you should not need to use plan B the way that you have been using it, but it is important that you discuss any further questions with your medical doctor.

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