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"What can happen if a ten-month old swallows a amox/calvua 875/125 tab?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can happen if a ten-month old swallows a amox/calvua 875/125 tab?


Its a antibiotic my ten month old may have swallowed.


Thank you for this question. Fortunately, here in North America we have ready access to answers to questions like this by contacting poison control. This is a free service that is provided to give answers to questions like the one that you have posed, and the professionals who man this line will be able to provide instructions about whether or not your young child may need to seek further care or speak with a physician. They have the added advantage of being able to ask further questions that make such a service invaluable at triaging the sort of problem that you have described. By calling them, you will be able to get the direction that you need in a more comprehensive fashion, and you may be able to receive some reassurance or further instructions. In general, the medication that you have described (which is a powerful antibiotic known by the brand name Augmentin) can be used in children at an adjusted dose. The pill that your child may have ingested is an adult dose that should be taken every 12 hours in most cases. Your doctor or poison control will be able to provide more instructions in your specific situation. Please speak with your doctor.

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