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"Can I get pneumonia without flu symptoms from a person who got it after having flu?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get pneumonia without flu symptoms from a person who got it after having flu?


Hi, I had a friend who said he is having pneumonia after a bad flu, mentioning that all his family is ill. He was sitting beside me in a 2 hours class. After 5 days yesterday, I started feeling like a cold air sensation while I breath, this sometimes but rarely happens to me and sometimes I can easily have sore-throats. However, it has been two days now and I still have this annoying feeling which did not progress yet. I had asthma till age of 12-14 , .. Now I am 21 years old I only sometimes feel as a bit of shortness of breath for minutes if I run hard or pass by a certain flower nothing more. So should I see a Doctor ? Is it related to me getting pneumonia? What should I do? Can I get pneumonia from him even if I did not have any flu symptoms? Thank you


Sorry to hear about your concerns, and hope that your friend improves quickly. There are obviously many possible explanations for the symptoms that you are describing, and it is always best to discuss these concerns with your doctor. Influenza and many other viruses can be very contagious, and even something as simple as sitting next to someone can be enough to contract a virus, depending on many other factors, of course. In some cases, these viral illnesses can predispose patients to other, secondary, infections such as the pneumonia that you describe in your friend. Viral infections will often (but not always) spread more readily than the bacterial infections, however. In general, some of the first symptoms of getting a viral infection can be a feeling of fatigue and generally feeling unwell. Increased nasal congestion, mucous production, fever, chills, and shakes can follow as your body attempts to clear the infection. Whether or not you have some of these symptoms can be a sign of how well your body is doing at clearing these infections. Eating well, exercising, being healthy, and washing your hands frequently can all help to reduce the risk of infection. Please speak with your doctor about your question.

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