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"I have pain down the right side of my back, what's wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersI have pain down the right side of my back, what's wrong?


And under my ribs witch is painful to touch or move and is constantly their


The pain you are describing sounds like musculoskeletal pain and I suggest you get it checked out by your primary care doctor. People can get this type of pain from lifting heavy objects, or injury to the area. Muscle pains usually subside over a couple days with rest; however, if it involved a bone such as your rib, the pain and condition is much more serious. Rib fractures can be caused by injury or even simply coughing too hard. If it involved the ribs, it can cause you to have pain with deep breathing, moving around, or pressing on the area. Other organs in that area also include the kidney, lung, and skin. People can have kidney stones or urinary tract infections that can track up to the kidneys, which causes excruciating pains. People can have disease involving the lung, such as pneumonia (lung infection) or pneumothorax (hole in lung), which can cause a one sided back pain. Lastly, if you have any rashes on your back, it can be a condition called shingles which can cause excruciating constant pain on one side. The differential is broad and a one sided back pain is not normal. You should make an appointment to see your primary care doctor to have it checked out.

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