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"How can I treat my finger?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I treat my finger?


4days ago after doing some heavy laundry, my finger became painful and started swelling-below the joint. Now everytime I bend the finger it's still painful and feels like something is pulling when I stretch it and it's making a creaking noise like an old rickety door.what's wrong with my finger and how do I treat it?


It sounds like you may have injured your finger while carrying the laundry. There are a couple possible injuries you might have sustained, so it is important to be examined by your doctor. First, you may have dislocated the finger, which would explain the joint swelling and your feeling that it's difficult to move the finger. There is always the possibility of having fractured one of the bones of the finger, though it doesn't sound like you sustained a lot of force and if you did have a fracture I would definitely bring this up with your doctor to discuss what might be causing your bones to be so fragile. Other possible injuries including damage to the tendons or ligaments, which is most likely and is what we call a strain or sprain. This can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty moving the finger. Things that you can do to help the finger include ice, resting the finger, and Advil or Motrin for pain (you can take 400mg every 6 hours, but do not take it if you've had a history of kidney problems or GI bleeds). If you continue to have pain, swelling or difficulty moving the joint I would recommend you go see your doctor to have them examine the finger and determine if any further testing or treatment is necessary.

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