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"What else could I have if not UTI?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat else could I have if not UTI?


I went to the Doctors on Friday night and they did a rapid test to see if I had an UTI and it came back positive. Today I got a call saying the urinalysis came back negative and that i should follow up with my doctor and to continue to take the antibiotics they prescribed to me. What else could I have if the culture came back negative? I'm really nervous because I have to wait


It is important that you follow the directions that were given to you regarding continuing to take the antibiotics and it is especially important that you follow up with your doctor to determine what could be the cause of your symptoms if it wasn't a urinary tract infection, or UTI, after all. It is difficult for me to speculate as to other potential causes as I don't know what your original symptoms were. If you had the typical symptoms of a UTI such as burning when you urinate, having to pee more often, feeling the urge to pee but then not being able to go, lower abdominal pain, and sometimes fever, then it is possible that you did have a UTI and the sample that was taken for the culture was contaminated. However, other potential causes of urinary complaints include STDs, so be sure you are tested for these if you are sexually active, vaginal infections such as yeast infections or BV, and other medical problems such as kidney disease or diabetes. Please make an appointment with your primary care doctor as soon as possible to discuss your results, current symptoms (if any), and get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment,

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