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"What should I do with my kidney stone?"


i have had my kidney stone for about roughly a month i went to the hospital cause of the pain..the doctors gave me medication that was for 4 weeks now it is finished my kidney stone is 6mm is that possible to pass or did the doctors just feel lazy and not wanna let me get it removed the operational way?


It is important that you schedule an appointment with an urologist. In most cases, a kidney stone is not removed with any kind of operation. This is especially true for kidney stones that are relatively small such as yours.

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I kidney stone that is 6 mm in diameter is more likely to pass naturally and thus you should not be subjected to the risk of an operation to take it out. If the stone is located in the kidney itself, it is possible that it will dissolve on its own and you will never have to actually pass it. One of the questions that needs to be asked is what type of kidney stone this is. Many kidney stones are made out of calcium and thus reducing the amount of calcium that your body excretes into the kidneys is an important step. One option that some doctors take is to put the patient on hydrochlorothiazide which is a medication that is normally used for blood pressure. One of the side effects of hydrochlorothiazide is that it increases the amount of calcium that the kidneys put back into the blood. This can decrease the amount of calcium that is excreted and reduce the likelihood of developing a new stone. It can also increases the chances of your current stone dissolving. Again, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with a urologist. This is a type of specialist of deals with kidney stones. The two of you can discuss what type of stone you might have and what treatment options are best in your particular situation.

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