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"Is it ok to take 4 contraceptive packs in a row?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it ok to take 4 contraceptive packs in a row?


Hello Could you please advise me of my best option? Due to heavy periods I normally take 3 packs of the pill in a row. I am halfway through my 3rd pack just now. However I go on holiday in two weeks and do not want my period then for obvious reasons. Is it safer for me to run 4 packs together or finish this pack early, have my 7 day break and start a fresh pack next monday? Thanks!


Thanks for this question. Depending on the type of birth control that you take and the reason that you take them for, this question and the appropriate answer may vary. Either or neither may be appropriate in some situations. Speaking with your doctor is the best way to make sure you get the best answer for you. Many of the newer oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) will have the option to avoid having your period for extended periods of time. They have been closely studied and appear to be safe when used appropriately. Obviously, either of the options that you have suggested are a variation from the norm and from the manufacturer's instructions (which are usually based on the research and studies that have been safely completed already). Whenever you feel that there is a need to vary from this instruction of any medication that has been prescribed, speaking with your doctor is appropriate. A quick phone call to clarify the best option for you would likely provide the answer that you need without having to go in and see your doctor, unless he or she feels otherwise. Please discuss this recommendation and question with your OB/GYN or family doctor.

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