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" I have a grapefruit sized mesenteric cyst on the colon. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswers I have a grapefruit sized mesenteric cyst on the colon. What should I do?


I have a grapefruit sized mesenteric cyst on the sharp pains just feel uncomfortable at times. I also have itp would it be better with a watch and wait approach or to have it out considering the complications my itp could cause if I had to have emergency surgey The surgeon says to leave it and has discharged me he said if I get any symptoms to go back to my gp and get a referral back to him or one of his collages nothing about follow up scans or anything should I see my gp and get a second opinion


Thank you for your question. While it can be reassuring to have something diagnosed as a benign condition, there is also some understandable concerns with having a mass in your abdomen that has not been treated or removed. Your surgeon has a decided advantage over any information that I would be able to provide online due to the fact that he or she will have much more information. Please continue to follow up with him or her and your general practitioner. A case can be made for treating these lesions and any mass in the body as they are not normal. Additionally, some may feel that there is a very low risk of these transforming into cancers, and patients may not want to take that risk, and may not be able to sleep well until the cyst is removed. Your impression of following up with your general practitioner to discuss your feelings sounds very appropriate, as this will allow you to gather more information and then perhaps get a second opinion. When you are in this information gathering stage, speaking with additional physicians and surgeons can be quite helpful. Please speak with your doctor about this question and the need for a second opinion.

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