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"Does lemon help delay your period?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes lemon help delay your period?


I am getting married november 2, and we are going on our honeymoon the next day. I usually get my period on the sixth and with all the stress i am worried i will get it even earlier, how can i delay it? And no I will not use birth control.


Thank you for your question regarding delaying your period. I can certainly understand the desire to avoid having your period for a special occasion, so I recommend that you discuss this with your doctor. Menstrual periods are hormonal and cyclical and therefore, subject to variability month to month. You know your body best; some women are incredibly regular to the exact same day every month, while other women have unpredictable and erratic periods. If you are prone to getting your menstrual period up to a few days early, then it is very possible that you will have your period while on your honeymoon. However, if you rarely are up to three days early, then it is likely that this trend will continue. Unfortunately, there are no foods such as lemons that can delay your menstrual period. As you have already alluded to, the best method for delaying or avoiding your menstrual period would be to take birth control. Keep in mind that this does not mean you need to continue taking birth control for an extended or indefinite period of time. Many women choose to take birth control for a very short period, even just a month, for the same reason as you--to avoid their periods for a special event. It is worth discussing your options with your doctor, especially if you do not wish to take birth control because of a particular concern.

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