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"Can the infection go away with antibiotics?"

ZocdocAnswersCan the infection go away with antibiotics?


I when to do my pedicure 4 days ago.they took off my ingrown nail but my.nail got infected my skin was coming out with so much pus. Then i when to today doctor said he had to remove my nail so he decided to give me anesthesia to numb my toe so he gave me a shot by my toe...when he was about to remove i felt the pain he decided to more anesthesia but i will still feel it. He discharge me n just gave me antibiotics is the infection going to go away


It sounds like you had a minor abscess in your toe. I think you should be seen in follow up by your doctor. Generally speaking, an ingrown toe nail is simply just a nail that has caused a break in your skin. The break in your skin probably allowed some skin bacteria to get in and grow. Your body's immune system then took over and white blood cells entered into the cut and started fighting the bacteria. The white blood cells are what make up the puss. When the doctor cut out the ingrown nail and allow the pus to drain out, the infection also started to work its way out. In some cases, allowing the infection to escape is all that is needed. In others, an antibiotic can help. If the right antibiotic was chosen then your toe should get better. It might get better anyway. If the wrong antibiotic was prescribed, then the toe may become infected again. Again, I do think you should be seen in follow up by your doctor to make sure that the infection has resolved. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor. A quick examination of the toe is all that is needed. This would be helpful because in a few cases the bacteria that caused the infection is not susceptible to the antibiotic prescribed an another antibiotic will be needed. I hope you feel better soon.

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