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"Should I go to the ER for pressure in back of head?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I go to the ER for pressure in back of head?


I started college a week ago. Ive had neck pain for years and I have mild scoliosis. Recently I started getting bad pressure in the back of my head that I cant hold my head up. It hurts so bad. I think I have chiari malformation and the symptoms seem to be getting worse. I also lost my appetite and cant control my bowels. Im miserable everyday. Should I just check myself in to the hospital if I dont feel good in the morning?


Please speak with your doctor. Many of the symptoms that you are describing are concerning, and I hope that you have already spoken with your doctor by the time that you get this response. As with all internet sites, this site does not replace the need to speak with your doctor if you are having concerning symptoms. The loss of bowel or bladder control is a very concerning symptom, as it could indicate a problem with the nerves that control them. Some of these problems require immediate medical, and sometimes surgical, intervention in order to avoid becoming permanent. That is why it is important to speak with a doctor quickly if you are having such symptoms. Headaches are quite common, and come come from a wide variety of sources. Some of these problems and sources are common and require treatment but rarely present long term problems. Others are life threatening and need immediate medical attention as above. When you are having other concerning symptoms such as you describe it is imperative that you speak with a doctor immediately, and go to the emergency department if necessary. Please speak with your doctor.

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