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"Why do I get dizzy when I lay down?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I get dizzy when I lay down?


I got hit on my left eye and I got a black eye. Now every time I lay down or I get up i end up getting dizzy


Please speak with your doctor. Whenever a person has a head trauma, there is always the concern of something more serious than the obvious, external, injury. One of the key things that doctors look for when trying to discern if there is additional damage or trauma is whether or not a person is having any new symptoms following the trauma. In your case, you seem to be suggesting that you do, which makes it imperative that you see a doctor soon to identify what could be causing this problem. In the worst case scenario, there can be trauma to the inside of your head that could require further treatment to help keep you safe and well. Other things can obviously cause dizziness as well, but it is too concerning that your symptoms started right after you got hit in the eye. Your eye is actually an extension of your brain, in addition to being a distinct organ, and so it is able to tell your doctor significant amounts of information about the status of your brain, just by doing a thorough examination. Please speak with your doctor soon about your new complaint, and go to an emergency room if needed.

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