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"Persistent soreness upon pressure on the palm of my hand. What should I do?"


Hi there. I have had a nagging soreness in the palm of my hand whenever I apply significant pressure (doing push-ups, for instance). I do apply stress on my palm (push ups and pull ups) fairly regularly, but do not recall any particular traumatic. The pain is significant, but not overwhelming--I could just barely tolerate it when doing push ups--and non-existent when there is no pressure on my palm. It has lingered for over a month now, and am wondering if I ought to get it checked out?


If you are having continued symptoms of pain in your hand, I recommend that you see your doctor or a healthcare professional for a formal evaluation of your symptoms. Pain in the palm of the hand can have multiple causes, some benign and others more severe. When thinking about injury to the hand, doctors often consider that different tissues in the region; in this case, the bones, joint, muscle and soft tissues.

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Damage to the bones such as a fracture due to a traumatic event or overuse can result in chronic pain in this region. Additionally, damage to the joints within the palm of the hand, which include the carpus (wrist) and metacarpophalangeal joint can result in pain as well. Damage to the joint typically involves stretching or tearing of the joint ligaments, resulting in inflammation and tenderness that can be exacerbated by stretching or pressure on the tissues. Finally, the muscles and overlying soft tissues, if pulled or injured, can also be a source of pain in this area. Given your continued symptoms, I recommend you see a doctor to have the appropriate workup to find the cause of your pain. This will include a physical examination, and possibly x-rays to rule out fracture, dislocation or foreign body.

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