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"What does having a alp of 141 and a alt of 171 and a ast of 197 mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does having a alp of 141 and a alt of 171 and a ast of 197 mean?


Ithese results are from metabolic panel from my blood test


The best thing to do is to discuss your results with your doctor. These blood tests are often performed to evaluate someone for possible underlying liver disease. You should first know what the reference ranges for these tests are at the lab that they were performed. Alkaline phosphatase (the ALP) is an enzyme that is found in several different tissues throughout the body, particularly concentrated in the liver and bones. The normal range is approximately 20-140 IU/L, so your level of 141 is only very mildly elevated and may not be of any clinical significance. Alkaline phosphatase, when elevated due to a problem within the liver, can signify some degree of obstruction within the liver or in the associated bile ducts. The AST and ALT are enzymes released in higher levels by liver cells when the liver is under stress or impacted by a variety of diseases. The upper limit of normal for the ALT and AST tests is approximately 40 IU/L, so your levels are moderately elevated at 4-5 times the upper limit of normal. These numbers would indicate that there was likely some degree of inflammation within the liver at the time your blood testing was done. There are several conditions that may be responsible for this, including alcohol use, medication-induced injury, viral infections (ranging from mononucleosis to Hepatitis A/B/C), and other rarer causes of liver disease. It is strongly recommended that you talk with your doctor about the next steps in the work-up of your lab test abnormalities, including comparison to old tests; further questioning about medical use, over-the-counter supplements or herbs, and alcohol use; and the need for further dedicated testing of the liver.

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