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"Is my son suffering from neurofibromatosis?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my son suffering from neurofibromatosis?


My 6 yrs old son has 6-7 light brown patches on his skin. they are of size 1cm-1/2cm(on his arm,back,chest). is he suffering from neurofibromatosis ? there are no other symptoms or familr history. he is very bright student. if not what is the cause?


Thanks for your question, I recommend that you speak with your doctor. What you seem to be referring to is an association between neurofibromatosis and certain skin changes that are call cafe au lait spots. These are generally small to medium size areas of skin discoloration, often similar in color and size to what small drops or spills of coffee with milk would look like (hence the name). While one or two of these are not abnormal, or are certainly within normal limits, more than about 5 raises the question of whether or not there could be a systemic cause. One of the more common (although still rare) explanations for this is neurofibromatosis. This is a condition in which different types of cells grow more rapidly than other cells, and a person can have multiple benign growths. It stems from a change in the DNA that makes a person less able to regulate the normal cell cycle. Your doctor will be able to explain this in much more detail if it is appropriate, but there are many other possible explanations for these skin changes. If your doctor is concerned about the patches, there is further testing and imaging that can be accomplished and give you more information. Please speak with your doctor.

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