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"What kind of doctor specializes in blood circulation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of doctor specializes in blood circulation?


I have severe tingling of my legs and hands.


Sorry to hear about your problem and I recommend that you speak with your doctor. There are multiple different types of doctor that may be able to help you with your problem, but it is difficult to know exactly which will suit you best until I know some more information. For example, if you are truly having a problem with your circulation, you may do best to visit a vascular medicine doctor. From there, if he or she can identify an anatomic problem, they may refer you to a vascular surgeon for further intervention, and sometimes even an interventional radiologist. If, instead of blood supply, your problem has to do with the nerves that supply these areas of your extremities, you may be better served by speaking with a neurologist. In between, there are many other doctors and surgeons who may be able to help you, including even physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons. In this type of situation, it is often appropriate to begin your search by speaking with your general primary care doctor. He or she will be able to suggest a direction for you to begin your search based off of the story and symptoms that you describe, as well as any potential testing he or she might do. Please speak with your doctor.

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