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"Do bad equilibrium & constant ringing in my ears have anything in common?"

ZocdocAnswersDo bad equilibrium & constant ringing in my ears have anything in common?


If it helps, I have had sinus problems for most of my life.


Thank you for your question and it is important to speak with your otologist about your concerns. Yes, it does help knowing that you have also had sinus problems for your whole life, as this all indicates that you may be someone that is prone to having constant infections in your head and your neck. This could suggest that you may be someone who has had problems with ear infections on an intermittent basis, and all of that could provide a background for developing some problems with your ears. Your ears not only help with hearing, but they are also one of the methods by which your body is able to tell where it is in space, and they are very important with balance. There are 3 semi circular canals in each of your ears that have crystals inside that move with acceleration, and help your brain to determine what direction you are headed. They are also partly responsible for the feeling of sea sickness that one can get. Given the connection between the ears and balance and the fact that you have ringing in your ears, there are many possible explanations that link the two. In addition to chronic ear problems, Meniere's and other conditions can have these symptoms. Please speak to an otologist about your problems.

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