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"Why does it hurt under my breast?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does it hurt under my breast?


Under my breast is hurting a lot. Under my right one i have almost like a bra outline only on the bottom (not the other one) its dark and hurts me. I sometimes get bumps and sometimes it feels almost sweaty but its not sweat and only under that one. My bras are not tight and i stop using wire. Its been a couple months now


This is a good question. It is very important for you to make an appointment with your primary care doctor to discuss your symptoms and have a full history and physical. Depending on what your doctor discovers during your exam, he or she may refer you to a dermatologist for further evaluation. It is possible that you have an infection or abscess on the skin underneath your breast. This would cause pain and cause it to feel hot. However, it would be unusual for it to fester for a few months without causing further problems such as fever. It is also possible that you have candidiasis, or a yeast infection, under your breast. This commonly occurs under pendulous breasts as it is a warm, dark place where yeast can thrive. This would have started out as a reddish rash with white discharge. If it is not treated the skin can become darkened over time. Although very unusual, certain types of breast cancer can present with skin changes and pain so your doctor may order imaging to rule this out. Again, it is very important that you seek medical care as soon as possible so that you can receive a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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