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"Why is my feet numb?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my feet numb?


I have a numb foot


That is an excellent question. From the limited history provided, it is difficult to know the exact cause of your numb foot, and so it is suggested that you are evaluated as soon as possible by your primary care doctor, who is best able to obtain a history and physical and elucidate the cause of your numb foot. There are several reasons that someone may have a numb foot, some are fairly benign and improve over time, while others can be serious and require urgent evaluation and treatment. Minor causes for numbness in a foot include pressure on the nerves supplying the foot, usually because of a position that your foot or leg was in for a long period of time. Other more serious causes of a numb foot include diabetes or a blood clot. If the numbness came on all of a sudden you need to seek care emergently. There are different diagnoses depending on whether your foot is completely numb or if you are experiencing a "pins and needles" sensation. Again, it is very important for you to seek care right away to determine the cause of your foot numbness and obtain appropriate treatment to prevent further complications.

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