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"How to heal a cut on the inner part of top lip?"

ZocdocAnswersHow to heal a cut on the inner part of top lip?


I got hit twice this weak on my top lip, I also have buck teeth so when I get hit my top lip jams on my teeth and cause it to burst inside this happen twice within two days when I drink water or any fluid it burns its been over three days what can i do?


Sorry to hear about your problem and I believe speaking with your doctor can be beneficial. This can certainly be quite painful. While I can't see your problem that you are describing, it may be that the best thing to help the swelling go down is to avoid further trauma and instead use ice and other things that may help to decrease the swelling. There are not many medications that are regularly prescribed to help decrease swelling in the lip. The good news is that the good blood flow to the lip can help it to heal quite quickly if it is spared from further trauma. Taking good care of the problem with moisturizers on the outside of the lips can also perhaps keep the problem from getting worse. If it is more serious, stitches may be needed to help the muscle and mucosa come together better and heal in the best possible fashion. Speaking with your doctor can help to determine if this will be beneficial to you, and if there is anything else that can be done to help you heal from this painful problem in a timely manner. Please speak with your doctor about your condition, and get help you need if you do not feel safe at home.

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