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"I'm 32 and my nipples are still in, what can I do?"


They are split and in word they dont even have a point on them so i would like to know what i can do


Nipple inversion is a very common condition, which affects as many as 3% of young women. As long as the condition has been present from the beginning of when your breasts formed, it is known as congenital nipple inversion, and it doesn't represent a serious medical problem, such as cancer or scarring of the breast. Most women with mild to moderate nipple inversion do not have any trouble at all with the condition, although breastfeeding can sometimes be a bit more challenging for women who have children and desire to breastfeed them.

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If you are planning on having children and breastfeeding them, then proper planning is essential, and seeking advice from your OB GYN doctor or a lactation specialist before hand will help you be prepared. Additionally, some women find the condition of inverted nipples to be cosmetically undesirable. In that case, there are a few surgical options that are available to correct the problem. If you are interested in this possible, then you would need to set up a visit with a plastic surgeon or a breast surgeon. The surgeon will be able to evaluate you and help you figure out whether or not a cosmetic surgery is a good option for you.

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