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"Why do I sometimes get these odd hallucinations or blind spots in one of my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I sometimes get these odd hallucinations or blind spots in one of my eyes?


By hallucinations, I mean it's like I can't see or focus on anything like on the right side of my right eye, or left side of my left eye, and it's like there's nothing there, but yet there is, like these bright circles filled with spirals and multicolored tessellated triangles and shapes, and it messes me up when I'm trying to read or do anything, and I need to lay or sit down until it goes away, which usually happens about 5-20 minutes after the onset. It happens pretty infrequently, like once every few months or so, but still I'd like to know what could be causing it, and if I should worry. For the record I've never done or taken any recreational drugs, including hallucinogenics, and the only medication that I'm taking right now is clonidine for insomnia and high blood pressure and benadryl for insomnia and allergies.


Thanks for your question. Please speak with your eye doctor about this question, as it requires further investigation. Sometimes, the changes that people will have with their eyes stem from other things that are happening inside of their brains. One common example of this is migraines with aura, in which many people will experience vision changes and see lines, circles, and other shapes that will come on before, during or after their headache. There can also be some difficulty focusing and an aversion to light in the setting of nausea or vomiting. Other times, things such as high blood pressure can result in these changes, as the eye is quite complicated and requires appropriate amounts of blood to function properly. Blockages in blood flow can result in some changes, often described as a lamp shade coming down, and can be an emergency. Other things that can cause these sort of symptoms include changes to the eye itself, such as when different parts of the eye start to change with time or trauma, in which case the vision can be skewed to some degree. Fortunately, your eye doctor will be able to get a good examination and more information, so please talk to your doctor soon.

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