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"Why am I feeling shocks and numbness throughout my right arm?"


I was punched on my left arm


I'm sorry to hear that you were punched in the left arm and are experiencing additional symptoms! I can't think of any good reason, however, to explain why you would be experiencing shocks and numbness in the right arm after a blow to the left arm, unless as part of being punched you fell or otherwise stuck the right arm against a hard surface. Because the symptoms are a bit unclear, I think the best course of action would be to consult with your regular primary care doctor. They will be able to perform a complete physical examination, looking for any evidence of serious trauma or other injury, both in your left arm and elsewhere throughout your body.

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Sometimes when an individual is assaulted, there may be additional injuries that they may not remember, given the shock of the situation, and this might explain what is going on in your right arm Your doctor will be able to help sort this out. If there is any evidence of serious injury, your doctor might want to order additional tests, such as x-rays looking for any broken bones. They will also be able to give you advice on what medications to take to help with the pain.

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