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My sister has "seizures" that cannot be explained, is she lying?

and i think she might be faking them. i just want to know if she is lying or not.. she says they are painful.. and she sees the devil and all kinds of weird crap.
This is an excellent question. Seizures can present in several ways and so it is important that she be evaluated by a medical professional. With regards to the description you have provided, it is impossible to tell whether she is lying although epilepsy is a serious matter and so it is important that she is worked up to see what the cause of her symptoms are. There are many other potential causes that could be the cause of her symptoms such as depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders, etc and so a complete evaluation would be best to figure out what is causing these symptoms. Some questions that her health care provider may ask and so are important to know are whether she has any strange symptoms before or after her seizures, whether she is able to speak during her seizures. and whether she has any strange sensations or movements during these seizures. These are all very helpful when evaluating patients who may have seizures to better understand the underlying cause. Based upon her symptoms, they may want to do more testing, such as an MRI or EEG, and/or choose to start her on some medications for seizures. Again, it is important she be evaluated by a medical professional.
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