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"Is it normal for me to still experience same pain while taking the ulcer/GERD meds?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal for me to still experience same pain while taking the ulcer/GERD meds?


Everything I eat gives me this burning stomach pain in the lower right side that radiates throughout my lower stomach up into my upper stomach and through to my lower right side of my back. Sometimes I get such pressure build up that I have to walk on my tip toes and cannot sit or anything. I told my DR. and he gave me a generic version of Prilosec. I drink water and take tumms on top of it but that doesn't help either. I feel like I can't or drink anything cuz I even get that feeling sometimes with just drinking water. I cannot eat anything spicy no fresh tomatoes onions no acidic drinks either. :( I have recently been experiencing swelling of the ankles legs and hands. My DR. ran test blood EKG and just said it was edema of the body and put me on water pills. So anyways I'm taking the ulcer/GERD meds for about 3 months and I'm still having the same problems.


So sorry to hear about your medical problems. There are certainly people who can have severe reflux that does not respond to normal doses of anti-reflux medications. Prilosec, and the generic equivalents, are also best taken at discrete times, which some people may not realize. Taking them about 30 minutes before your largest meal of the day can be quite effective for many people. At the heart of your problem, however, is the concern that your medical problem is not improving despite medical care. In general, and especially when there are other concerns such as the swelling that you are describing, it may be appropriate to seek the additional help of a specialist. A gastroenterologist may be able to provide you additional information. Based on your age and other factors, you may also need to have certain procedures done to evaluate the health of your GI tract. With regards to the swelling, that could also be a sign of something more serious, and I would continue to work closely with your doctor about your problems. Most doctors appreciate an engaged patient, so please speak with your doctor about your concerns, and seek a second opinion if needed.

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