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"I sweat too much/stink horribly, what can I do?"


Ok. Sooo my anus smells. Yes thats normal but you can smell it after i have been sitting down for about 10 minutes. I take a shower each day. I shave my anus and penis frequently. (I dont think im gonna shave my anus anymore.. it seems to make it worse..) I wear powder each day. I wipe thouroghly. I am a little husky but there is this kid that weighs about 250 pounds and he dosent smell at all. I think its a sweat thing. What do i do! I cant go on stinking all the time! Its not farts.


Thank you for your question. I am so sorry to hear about your symptoms that are making you feel so self conscious. I recommend that you speak with a dermatologist.

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Body odor can be problematic for many people and certainly good hygiene is an important step in preventing body odor. While good hygiene is vital, it is not necessary to shave your genitalia on a daily basis in order to avoid smells. You should only shave with caution, if at all. The genitalia can be prone to infections that can become very severe if not treated properly. Small cuts in the skin can allow bacteria to enter in and so shaving on a daily basis can make you more susceptible to infections of this sort. It is always difficult to determine if you really do have a body odor, or if you are being self conscious. Asking someone you trust who can give you a candid opinion may be valuable to help you determine if you really are having problematic body odor. With regards to sweating there are different products (such as antiperspirants) that can help with the sweating. In extreme cases there are also surgical procedures that can help with sweating, although these are not generally advised for most people. Again, speaking with a dermatologist will be helpful.

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