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"What could be causing my long lasting migraines and headaches?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be causing my long lasting migraines and headaches?


I am on a daily prophylactic for my migraines that seems to work well most of the time. But then every few months, I get a migraine that comes back multiple days in a row (after being relieved with ibuprofen and sumatriptain), and then have reoccurring headaches for days after. My biggest migraine triggers are dehydration and my body being overheated, yet I've been drinking tons of water ("helps" that one of the side effects of my prophylactic is dry mouth). Any ideas why I end up in these cycles I can't break for such a long time (yet have minimal headaches for periods in between)?


Thanks for your question. Migraines can be very difficult to treat, despite the fact that they are the most common type of headache and are quite common. Not everything is understood about what causes them. In the same vein, not everything is understood about how to keep them away, and it could be something else entirely. Suppression therapy for the migraines seems to help many people with regular migraines, but many people also need abortive medications (or medications that stop the headache quickly) in order to tolerate their symptoms in the best possible way. Your doctor should be able to help you obtain a regimen that accomplishes the goal of preventing most headaches, and stopping the ones that come on quickly after they start. This may take time and working together, but there are excellent medical options available for most people. Some people find that a referral to a neurologist, specifically someone who treats conditions of the brain such as headaches, can be valuable at making them feel better. If you feel that you need some extra help, it may be worth discussing this with your doctor. Please speak with your doctor about your symptoms, as there are other possible explanations that should be reviewed.

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