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"I have peripheral neuropathy, could it prevent me from having children one day?"

ZocdocAnswersI have peripheral neuropathy, could it prevent me from having children one day?


I've had it since birth. It's effected my feet and bladder. I have to self cath every day. And I keep a kidney infection constantly. I was wondering if it would prevent me from having children one day.


Sorry to hear about this problem. This is certainly something that has led to significant changes in your daily life, but I would need to know more information before I could possibly comment definitively on your other potential limitations. The urinary system is obviously intimately associated with other reproductive functions, both anatomically and developmentally, and so this could imply some difficulty. Alternatively, if peripheral neuropathy is your an isolated problem, then this could signify that your reproductive system could function normally. Fortunately, physicians who are better informed about your medical health should be able to answer this question for you during one of your routine visits. If further testing is needed, this should be able to be arranged as well. We live in a time when there are many options available to improve and enhance reproductive health, and many things that would have been impossible years ago are more possible now. For the most accurate information, you should speak with your doctor and determine if it would be good for you to speak with a reproductive health specialist, and if you are a woman, perhaps to visit even with your OB/GYN. Please speak to your doctor.

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