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"What kind of infection is this?"


Hello, i made a dumb choice yesterday to have unprotected sex. Now there are 2 little red dots on the penis, but they are not bumps, they dont itch or hurt at all. we also used a creme lotion at some point ( not water based ) so i dont know what to think.. What i did so far: washed and put on some antiseptic cream if it helps (bacidin). Thank you for your time


Thank you for your question. While it can be concerning to have unprotected sex, and sometimes embarrassing to discuss it, it is important to discuss your concerns about potentially having a sexually transmitted disease with your doctor. As we all know, there are many different potential types of STDs, and some of them can be quite serious.

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With the appropriate treatment, most cases of such diseases can be treated completely, and almost all cases are able to be treated effectively with great reduction in the symptoms. Now, with regards to your specific question, it is important to determine if your dots are from trauma or if they are from unprotected sex or if they are from a different source. Your doctor will be able to help you determine this in most cases. Additionally, you will be able to provide additional information yourself, such as whether or not the spots seem to grow or if they improve. Sometimes this can be a clue as to what caused them in the first place. I would advise you to speak with your doctor about your concerns, and please practice safe sex in the future and especially until you answer your question.

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