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"I hit my head and I always have bad migraines, what is going on?"

ZocdocAnswersI hit my head and I always have bad migraines, what is going on?


I always have bad migraines, but the other day I hit my head and I went to the ER and they said I was fine but I fell Dizzy, "spacey" Weak, nauseated and have a ongoing headache. What is going on?


Sorry to hear about your head pain. It is always important to understand that the role of the emergency department is to make sure that there is no life threatening emergency that needs immediate medical attention. They usually do a very good job of that, and it sounds like they did an evaluation that suggested you need no further acute medical attention. That does not mean that you are completely back to your baseline health, however, and that is more difficult for emergency medicine doctors to accomplish. They see you for just a second in time and do not have the follow up needed to be able to make small suggestions that may lead to an improved quality of life. In your case, speaking with your primary care doctor appears to be a good idea. He or she may be able to do a more thorough examination, listen more carefully, and understand the nuances that you are describing that keep you from getting back to your normal. He or she will also be able to better treat your headaches with the appropriate therapy, titrating them to effective doses and medications. Please speak with your primary care doctor about your question.

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