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"I've been bleeding for ten days, what is going on with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI've been bleeding for ten days, what is going on with me?


I was supposed to get my period on the 8/28. Instead I got this light brown discharge. On 9/3 I got what I think is my period but it's not my usual period. It's dark red and it's not as heavy as it should. What is going on with me?


Thanks for your question. Although variations in the female menstrual cycle are very common, they should be discussed with your doctor if they are new to you or are concerning. There are many different explanations. Your level of stress and nutrition is one very often overlooked cause of variations in the menstrual cycle. Some women who are too stressed, exercising too much, or are eating too little can stop having their cycle or alter it significantly. Likewise, numerous other medical conditions can cause symptoms that can lead to variations in the cycle that present similar to what you described. Indeed, variations in the cycle may be some of the earliest signs of other problems. Hormonal contraception is notorious for affecting the menstrual cycle, and new medications may cause other problems or changes. Additionally, atypical vaginal bleeding can be a sign of problems localized to the female reproductive system. Speaking with your primary care doctor or the OB/GYN who you have been working with in the past is likely to provide some valuable information to help resolve your problem and determine if further testing needs to be completed. Please speak with your doctor about this question to get the answers you need.

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