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"Why does the left side of my right palm hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does the left side of my right palm hurt?


Im a breakdancer and Ive been working on One hand handstands on my Right. Ive been workin on it for a week maybe. Then I start getting a unpleasant pain on the left side of my palm on my right hand when I put any type of pressure on it. Its been hurting for about a month. What could be the problem and what can I do to help it?


It's likely that your hand pain is related to your break-dancing, and I recommend that you be evaluated by your doctor. Pain in your hand is most likely due to damage to one of the structures in it, which could be your ligaments, muscles, bones or nerves. Repetitive motions, pressure, or injury could have caused you to break one of the bones in your hand; this would manifest with pain and in particular pain over one of the bones. The practice you've been doing could also be causing wear or strain on the muscles or ligaments of your hand, which would also manifest with pain, especially with certain movements of your hand or fingers. You can also compress the nerves which run into the hand, which would cause pain usually extending up into a couple groups of fingers, and may be more of a burning type of pain. You could also have injured one of the structures in your arm that is causing pain to radiate into your hand with certain motions. The most important thing is to give your hand a rest and to see your doctor who can evaluate whether anything is broken and what the next steps are.

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