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"Bumpy skin in my vaginal area above my clitoris below my hairline. What could be wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersBumpy skin in my vaginal area above my clitoris below my hairline. What could be wrong?


I have always noticed it and the doctor has checked just to make sure i wasnt sexually active for my parents sake and said nothing about them there lil bumps i think its just the way my skin is but i wanna be sure


As you can imagine, this is hard to know for sure without more information, possibly including a physical exam. Did the doctor who examined you before not comment on what he or she thought was causing the problem? Obviously, he or she would have an advantage as they have some additional information that is not available by asking questions over the internet. That is why I recommend that you speak with your doctor about your question. Many of these things can be normal, as all people have hair follicles in this region. Sometimes shaving this region (or other trauma in the area) can result in a folliculitis or even just some changes to make them more prominent. This sort of thing can be quite common, and so speaking with your doctor about what he or she found would be good to help you know if there is something more serious going on or if these are just normal findings. Please speak with your doctor about this question and these bumps.

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