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"What's the cause of a yellow clumpy discharge with a little blood?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's the cause of a yellow clumpy discharge with a little blood?


no smell a little itchy. I had a std recently got treated he got treated so do u think he infected me again.


You are describing a yellow discharge with a little bit of blood after a recent sexually transmitted disease. You also mention that your partner also had a STD. Yellow discharge or pus is a sign that your body is responding to a foreign organism such as a bacteria. You should go to the doctor and get proper treatment. It is important to take the medications as prescribed. It is also important for your partner to do the same. If all this has been complete and you still have yellow discharge, you will need to see your doctor again to follow up the results of your STD work up. You could have been reinfected again if you and your partner are not exclusive sexual partners. STD's present in many different ways depending on the person. Sometimes people have no symptoms at all and others may have STD's. The only method to prevent STD's is to not have sex; however, sometimes it is not possible. Condoms are the next best way to prevent STD's. When you see your doctor, you also want to make sure that you are not pregnant. Your doctor can do a simple urine test to rule out infection and pregnancy.

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