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"I have bulging L3-4 disc and recently had problems emptying my bladder, is this serious?"

ZocdocAnswersI have bulging L3-4 disc and recently had problems emptying my bladder, is this serious?


also have severe scolisis and have had problems dribbling with my this something serious?


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or spine surgeon in an urgent manner. From the limited history you provided, it is unclear the size of the disc bulge, the length of the symptoms you have, or whether you have any other comorbidities that may have contributed to this, but whenever there is a concern for loss of bowel or bladder function in a patient with lumbar pathology, it is recommended that you are evaluated in an urgent care setting as this could be potentially a very serious issue that may require surgery to be treated appropriately. Of course, other causes exist for difficulty with voiding and so only your primary care doctor or other medical professional can diagnose what is going on with you based upon a thorough history and physical examination which might also include other diagnostic tests such as an MRI. Some other things to think about include whether you have had any numbness in your legs or groin area, or any weakness in this region because this again can be signs of a serious condition that should be treated in an urgent manner.

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