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"My son-in-law has been sick for 3 weeks with temperature as high as 105.4, what is wrong with him?"


my son - in - law has been sick for 3 weeks temp as high as 105.4 w/ abd pain, n/v know sores are coming up all over him he has been to 3 hospital in one for 3 days chest xray, ct abd/pelvis c/ contrast they seem to cant find out whats wrong they say it is a virus. he is till running fever still in pain and looks back he is 19 or 20 male, he does have raynard syndrome, bay medical told them that is was a virus and blood work was normal he has no insurance and something is bad wrong he is no better and no one seems to want to kind out what is wrong with this child can you please help


So sorry to hear that he is not doing well. I am glad that you have been to visit physicians and have sought help, but it certainly does sound like he is still not as recovered as anyone would like. It is obviously difficult for me to say what could be causing his symptoms and such a high fever and I recommend following up with his doctor.

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A virus is certainly one common possibility, and it would be helpful to know if anyone else around him has been ill recently. After that, it would be important to know more of his medical history to determine if there are any other clues. At the heart of your question is the question that many of us have when a loved one does not improve as fast as we would like and it seems like doctors are insensitive to our concerns. As the person closest to the action, it can be quite disconcerting. While not always true, doctors are trained to identify concerning factors and things that could be dangerous, and most do a good job of ruling out these things. After those things have been eliminated, sometimes doctors allow time for the body to heal. Please speak with your doctor.

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