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"I was diagnosed with low testosterone, what can I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI was diagnosed with low testosterone, what can I do?


I am 18 Years old (Male) and I was Diagnosed with ow testosterone and breast enlargement.My Endocrinologist Doctor put me on testosterone injection. its been 3 weeks now. But I was wondering when am I suppose to notice any of changes from it. What are the changes? Should I start Working out since am on testosterone. What are the things I should Avoid To keep my testosterone High? -Thank You


Being diagnosed with low testosterone at your age is something that definitely should be investigated further. I recommend that you be followed by an endocrinologist. My first question would be what lab tests were sent off by your endocrinologist. Certainly one of the tests was a blood testosterone level. However, there are other details that are important. For example, the test should be done early in the morning when testosterone levels are the highest to make sure that you do in fact have low testosterone. Other tests that are very critical include FSH and LH. These are hormones that are secreted by the pituitary gland and tell the testes to secrete testosterone. If they are particularly high when you were off testosterone replacement, then this means that you have some type of testicular failure. If this is the case, then the reason for this needs to be diagnosed. Regarding the replacement, it is difficult to tell exactly what types of benefits you will get. The reason for this is that besides your breast enlargement, it is not clear what other symptoms you are having. I do not think that your breast enlargement will be helped by the testosterone replacement and it might even worsen the situation. You definitely need to be followed by an endocrinologist, but you need to make sure that you have a diagnosis before embarking on simple replacement therapy.

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