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"I have a stone on my salivary gland, how can I remove it?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a stone on my salivary gland, how can I remove it?


plz is there is any doctors here can help me ive stone on my salivary gland and i wanna remove this stone using any like endoscopy or arthroscope or sialendoscopy and im from iraq and its not familiar on this area .


Unfortunately, there's no real good way to remove the stone inside your salivary gland with one of the procedures that you have mentioned. The salivary gland duct where the stone likely exists is a very small tube and thus it is difficult to stick any kind of catheter out there to retrieve the stone. Depending on your symptoms, one of the possible treatments is the use of sour candy or lemon slices frequently to help your salivary glands push the stone out. Sour foods can stimulate the salivary gland to release saliva. This stimulation can help push small stones out. You likely won't even know when the stone comes out because it is likely very very small. If the stone results in some sort of an infection you should likely also be treated for this with antibiotics. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with an ear nose and throat doctor. This is the type of position that is most equipped to dealing with the situation especially if it becomes complicated. As said above, if this doctor believes that your situation is on the simpler side then you were likely just to be prescribed sour candies. However, if the situation is more complex and ENT doctor may have the tools to deal with it anymore direct way. Good luck.

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