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"How do you know if you have internal bleeding?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you know if you have internal bleeding?


I have a aluminum clamp on a small artery in my left wrist/hand and its been tingly and numb for the last couple hours and that hasn't happened before. Could the clamp have come off?


Thank you for your question. First, any concern of bleeding should be treated seriously, so please speak with your doctor. I am afraid that I do not fully understand the question, and so I will try to do my best to answer the overall question about internal bleeding rather than focus on the hand so much. Bleeding on the inside will generally be manifest by a symptom on the outside eventually. This can often come in the form of dizziness with standing, fatigue or pale skin (all signs of a possible low blood count), bright red or tarry black stools (signs of bleeding in the GI tract), swelling in a part of your body, or other common symptoms. These symptoms will almost always depend on both the site of the bleeding and the rate at which a person is losing blood. As for your hand, while I do not understand the clamp that you are referring to, it is usually uncommon for a person to lose a significant amount of blood in their hand without being aware of it by seeing swelling or bruising. Regardless of the cause, your question is a sign that you need to speak with a doctor to clarify what you are asking. Again, any concern of bleeding should be discussed with your doctor.

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