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"Any idea what this could be? "

ZocdocAnswersAny idea what this could be?


25 yr old female Chest under collar bone slightly numb, migrated up neck a little. Also felt like my heart was pounding and could feel the skin between my ribs straining with each breath. Possibly a little shallow. Had a breast biopsy the day before and had a reaction to chloraprep. Almost went to the er but it subsided after about half an hour. p.s. I have long suspected I'm hyperthyroid. I also have always been thin with normal blood pressure about 90/60.


I recommend that you get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. I am not certain that all of these symptoms are related to each other. First, there is the issue of a recent biopsy and a reaction to the Chloraprep skin cleaner. The combination of these two issues sounds like it may be the cause of the skin numbness on your chest, although this would depend a lot on where exactly the biopsy was performed compared to where the numbness is. It might be worth touching base with the surgeon who performed the procedure just to let them know what is going on. The sensation of your heart pounding and trouble breathing, on the other hand, is a more concerning symptom to me, because this could represent something as benign as some anxiety or as serious as a heart problem. I'm not sure what the ED visit in your question was for. If it was for the heart pounding, then this is reassuring, because we can assume that they ruled out a serious problem and you can probably followup with your primary care doctor at your convenience. On the other hand, if these palpitations and breathing symptoms are new, then I would definitely try to get in touch with your doctor right away to seek immediate advice.

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