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" What should I expect from this turf burn? "

ZocdocAnswers What should I expect from this turf burn?


I just recently got a turf burn at a football game(2 days ago). That night I washed it with soap in the shower and put on neosporin afterwards. It is swollen and has scabbed up for the most part. This happened on my shin. What should I expect from this?


Your turf burn should heal similar to most cuts, but if you are concerned it's important to see your primary care doctor. Generally speaking, there will be a period of swelling and pain while the scab forms. Areas that are slower to scab over will possibly have some drainage of blood or more likely blood and serous fluid. Once the scabs form you should expect the swelling and redness surrounding the scabs to slowly decrease, and the scab will harden and slowly dry out. As the area becomes less swollen and more dry, it may become itchy and the scabs may flake or fall off. In general, avoid picking off the scabs and scratching the area if possible as this can re-injure the skin and make it slower to heal. Putting some vaseline or A&D ointment on the area can help with any itching or dryness. The big concern with any kind of skin injury is obviously infection; signs of infection include a lot of redness and swelling that doesn't subside, pus seeping from the wounds, and redness tracking up your leg; a big warning sign is fevers or shaking chills, which means you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. If you feel you have any of the signs of infection or are otherwise concerned about how your wound is healing I would definitely recommend seeing your primary care doctor to have them take a look.

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