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"My breasts became small after I stopped nursing, how can I increase them?"

ZocdocAnswersMy breasts became small after I stopped nursing, how can I increase them?


can I use creams and pills or what is best way to make them increase in size please I need your help


I am sorry to hear that your breasts have decreased in size after you have stopped nursing and that you are looking into ways to increase your breast size. I am happy to give you some different information about increasing the size of your breasts, but ultimately I am going to recommend that you make an appointment to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon, or a breast reconstructive surgeon. They will be able to take more of a history from you, and examine you to give you the most accurate opinion about what your best options are. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix (without a surgical intervention) to increase the size of your breasts. When you are nursing, the milk glands within your breasts hypertrophy and swell for milk production and storage. Unfortunately this over time does cause some stretching of the ligamentous material and connective tissue within the breasts that help to keep their shape. Once the breasts stop making milk, the hypertrophied tissue atrophies (shrinks down) and since the connective tissue was stretched, they sag lower than they were initially. The two main options surgically for this problem are something called a mastopexy, or breast 'lift', and implants (which are designed to restore or increase volume. The plastic surgeon you consult with will be able to give you more information that can help guide your decisions. Best of luck.

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