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"What else can be done for my chronic severe nerve pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat else can be done for my chronic severe nerve pain?


its only done the back of right thigh but mainly in middle of right buttock.ive been going to pain management doc for 2-3yrs now if not more i have spina bifida and have had 3 de tethering in all in 19yrs.i was thinking i needed another de tethering but neurosurgeon said since i an adult now he not gonna do another surgery for that if i just have pain but will if im in major pain and nothing helps,i think im at that point.ive tried neurotin 300 3x day at first then all doses got up to 900mg and that didnt work then went up to 900mg 2x day and 1,200mg 1x day.along with baclofen 10mg 3x day,flexeril 10mg 1-2x day,hydrocodone/apap 5-325mg 1-2tablets every 6-8hrs as needes but that all started to not workn more so now im on lyrica 25mg 3x day,morphine sulfate extended release 30mg 2x day on top of baclofen and flexeril and thats not working afraid that neuro will think im trying to take easy way out :-\


I'm very sorry to hear that you are having so much pain. I would recommend that you go back and see your neurosurgeon. It sounds like there is a good reason for your chronic nerve pain (history of spinal bifida with known tethering of cord and multiple surgeries), so I don't think that any of your doctors are going to be accusing you of "taking the easy way out." In fact it sounds like you have been doing all of the right things up to now. For example, you have been staying in regular contact with the neurosurgeon, and you have been going regularly to the pain clinic, which has been attempting to control your pain with various rounds of medications. Right now you are on fairly high doses of all the right kinds of medications, so I don't think there is anything obvious that can be done to make a big difference here with different medications. Therefore, I would recommend that you go back and see your neurosurgeon and let them know how things are going. It sounds like at your last visit they left the possibility of a repeat surgery open, and this might be the time to discuss that option again and see if it might still be recommended.

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