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"Can a female grow taller in her mid-30s?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a female grow taller in her mid-30s?


I am a healthy 37-year-old female, other than hypothyroidism and a herniated cervical disc. I exercise somewhat regularly and take several vitamins (multivitamin, D, calcium magnesium, zinc). Suddenly, I feel like I've grown taller. Measurements don't seem to show it but I just feel so much taller than I was in the past. Is it possible to grow taller at my age?


I recommend discussing this with your doctor. While this is unlikely, there are many things that happen to people that seem unlikely to both them and their doctor. For the most part, it would be expected that the growth plates would have fused during your teenage years and made further growth much less likely. While that is most often the case, there are medical conditions in which growth can continue after the teenage years. When a person has a question about a medical problem such as you are describing, it can be appropriate to bring this up with your doctor during your regular physical examination. As a woman in this age range, it is generally advised that you meet with your doctor on an annual basis for a health checkup, which can be the optimal time to discuss these questions with your doctor. He or she will likely compare your height to what it was in the past, and should therefore be able to tell you quickly if there is truth to this sensation that you are describing. If your height has been stable, as you seem to indicate, there may be something else that is affecting your perception, and your doctor may recommend further testing. Please speak with your doctor.

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