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"Is a 5cm hiatal hernia big? "

ZocdocAnswersIs a 5cm hiatal hernia big?


been having a lot of pain in the center of my chest,and all over top chest area


Sorry to hear about this situation. A hiatal hernia can be quite uncomfortable at best, and can cause serious problems at worst. I recommend that you speak with your doctor soon. These sorts of defects or problems with the valve at the superior part of the stomach can make reflux quite problematic and lead to some of the chest pain that you are describing. It is always important to discuss chest pain with your doctor, however, as any sort of variation from the normal reflux symptoms that you have (or even just the exact same symptoms, unfortunately) could be a sign of something much more serious, such as a heart attack or another problem like that. If you have been told in the past that this chest pain is due to your hiatal hernia, than the next step is to consider your options to manage these symptoms. There are some excellent medications that can help with acid reflux. Obviously, this will only treat the symptoms, and you will still have the hernia that can allow gastric contents to travel back up your esophagus. Depending on your age and your overall well being, that may be appropriate. Others feel that they would rather fix the hiatal hernia. Again, please speak with your doctor about this question.

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