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"Why does my left testicle raise and lower when I stand?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my left testicle raise and lower when I stand?


There's no real pain and I was diagnosed with kidney stones.


There can be multiple causes for altered testicular positioning, some are part of normal physiology and completely benign and others can be more serious. If you feel any hard mass or pain in the testicles, please see your doctor or a healthcare professional for formal evaluation and testing if necessary. The testicles are a complex organ in that they require unique thermoregulation. Unlike the rest of the body, the testicles require an environment that is slightly cooler than the body's core temperature, as this allows for optimized sperm motility and function. Based on external stimulation, such as a cold shower or submerging in a hot tub, the testicles will adjust their proximity to the remainder of the body by retracting or relaxing away from the pelvis. The retraction is performed by muscles tethering the testicles to the pelvis called the cremasteric muscles. They extend from the inner pelvis down into the scrotum and will contract based on stimulation to bring the testicles closer to the body's core in situations where increased temperature is needed, such as submerging in a cold pool. Your sensation of your testicle raising or lowering could very well be related to this normal physiologic process. However, if you find the positioning to be continuously abnormal, or if you experience any pain or abnormal masses or contours in the scrotum, then you should see your doctor or a healthcare professional for formal evaluation.

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