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"Should I go to ER or wait for gynecologist to fit me in?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I go to ER or wait for gynecologist to fit me in?


I have been bleeding since Sept.2 and it's sept. 15 and I'm still bleeding. I'm taking lo loestrin fe which I started in March and march was also the last time I had a period due to the hormones in the pills. My gynecologist prescribe me birthcontrol because she expected that I may have endometrious . The beginning of the bleeding was brown then turned bright red and by the end of the first week it was brown again. The second week it got heavier and varied in color through out the day . Both weeks I had cramping but the first week was the worst. Should I wait it out til an doctor or gynecologist can fit me in or should I go to the ER?


That is an excellent question and one that should be evaluated by an emergency medical doctor based upon the history you have provided. You should seek medical care on an urgent basis as this is a very long time for you to have continuous bleeding and this could be a sign of a change in your blood clotting profile, known as DIC, which is a serious issue that could lead to very serious issues, including death if not treated in a timely manner. Of course, it is impossible to know if you are experiencing DIC or some other cause that is making you bleed this much, but the only way to know what is the cause is to visit a medical professional as soon as possible and have this evaluated. They may choose to do blood and imaging tests on you, and depending on what they find, they may have to admit you to the hospital for observation. Signs that this is getting worse and that you should tell your doctor are lightheadedness, worsening weakness, decreased urination, increased heart rate, and decreased blood pressure. If you experience any of these, this is even more reason to be evaluated emergently in the hospital as these are signs that you are having worsening bleeding effects and need urgent treatment.

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