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"What can I do about a right swollen lymph node? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about a right swollen lymph node?


The Right lymph node in my neck is slightly bigger than my left. I had just gotten over an ear infection now I have tooth pain on the right side. Could this be the reason behind my lymph node being swollen ? And is this really serious? And is there something that I could do at home?


Thank you for your question. It is important to be evaluated by a doctor. There are many possible explanations for the lymph node, or at least the bump, that you are describing. Lymph nodes, or swollen glands, are one of the common reasons that people will have swelling in their head and their neck. This is because the neck tends to be one of the easier places to appreciate, or notice, lymph nodes when they are swollen (they aren't hidden by so much other tissue!). When a person has an infection or something else that is bothering a part of the body, it is common for the nodes to swell in response and to help fight whatever might be causing the problem. While this is a normal and appropriate response, it can also serve as a warning that there might be a problem elsewhere that was unrecognized previously. If you have had recent infections on the same side as the node, that could possibly explain the symptoms that you are describing, but I would not say that it is clearly the reason until you have been examined by a doctor. These nodes are important to follow until they go away, to make sure there is nothing more serious. Please speak with your doctor.

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