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"Can seizures just begin randomly?"

ZocdocAnswersCan seizures just begin randomly?


On April i began to have seizures and ended up in the hospital because i kept having them repeatedly. The doctor treated me like a drug addict, my pupils were dilated, my heart rate was around 140. I was disorientated for aleast 4 hours. My drug test came out clean, they didnt bother to see what caused my seizure. I visited my doctor and he said i was having a panic attack.. He sent me to the psychiatrist who cleared me and said he believes im having seizures. None of my doctors are really trying to help me. I still have them till today sometimes while i sleep. I dont remember having them but its affecting my life drastically. I get bad migrains im always tired, irritated, nauseous, my temples are tender. I sometimes forget what i was just doing and i have a hard time speaking sometimes. Any idea what could be causing this?


This is an excellent question. It is very important that you are evaluated by a medical professional regarding these potential seizures, and if you feel that the doctors that have been treating you are not helping you, then you should find a new primary care doctor or neurologist to evaluate you for these potential seizures. Although from your description it is unclear your age, it is important that the doctors perform a battery of tests to rule out potential causes of seizures that can be fixed. When you visit your physician, it is important that you have an idea of how your seizures present, whether you are able to speak or move your arms and legs during your seizure and how your feel immediately before and after the seizure (also known as the seizure aura and postictal state). These are all important to help the neurologist or primary care doctor understand better how to treat your seizures. They may also want to obtain an MRI of your brain or perform some other blood work to ensure that there isn't something else that is treatable that is causing these seizures. Seizures are often treatable with medication alone but it is important that you are evaluated by a professional soon to best help find the cause of these seizures and how to treat them.

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